The UM Gateway

March 2014

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Conceptual View
3. Running the UM Gateway
4. UM Gateway Configuration
5. UM Gateway Examples
6. UM Gateway Web Monitor

1. Introduction

The Ultra Messaging® Gateway facilitates WAN routing in the absence of multicast routing capability (often due to technical obstacles or enterprise policies). The UM Gateway forwards multicast and/or unicast topic resolution advertisements and queries (TIR/TQR), which ensures that receivers in disjoint topic resolution domains from the source can receive the topic messages to which they subscribe. The UM Gateway design includes the following features.

Note: The Ultra Messaging Gateway is not supported on the HP NonStop® platform.

The following features are not supported or partially supported in the 5.2 (or earlier) release of the UM Gateway.

Full Gateway support of these features is in development. If you desire any of these features or any configuration or topology not presented in this document, please contact Informatica Ultra Messaging Support for possible alternatives.

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