UM C API  6.16
_Lbmmon__DROMonMsg__Stats Struct Reference

#include <dro_mon.pb-c.h>

Data Fields

ProtobufCMessage base
size_t n_portals
Lbmmon__DROMonMsg__Stats__Portal ** portals
size_t n_other_gateways
Lbmmon__DROMonMsg__Stats__OtherGateway ** other_gateways

Detailed Description

Operational statistics and other information for this DRO.

Field Documentation

Lbmmon__DROMonMsg__Stats__Local* _Lbmmon__DROMonMsg__Stats::local

Structure containing statistics for this DRO's view of the current topology.

size_t _Lbmmon__DROMonMsg__Stats::n_other_gateways

This structure represents this DRO's view of a remote DRO.

size_t _Lbmmon__DROMonMsg__Stats::n_portals

Structure containing DRO portal configuration information.

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