UM C API  6.16
_Lbmmon__DROMonMsg__Stats__OtherGateway Struct Reference

#include <dro_mon.pb-c.h>

Data Fields

ProtobufCMessage base
char * gateway_name
uint64_t gateway_id
uint32_t version
uint32_t topology_signature
uint64_t last_activity_sec
uint64_t last_activity_usec
size_t n_other_portals
Lbmmon__DROMonMsg__Stats__OtherGateway__OtherPortal ** other_portals

Detailed Description

Each DRO tracks a small amount of information about every other DRO in the network. This structure represents this DRO's view of a remote DRO.

Field Documentation

uint64_t _Lbmmon__DROMonMsg__Stats__OtherGateway::gateway_id

DRO identifier.

char* _Lbmmon__DROMonMsg__Stats__OtherGateway::gateway_name

Name of DRO.

uint64_t _Lbmmon__DROMonMsg__Stats__OtherGateway::last_activity_sec

Approximate timestamp of last activity. Represents local wall clock time from the sending host's perspective. Value is "POSIX Time" (seconds since 1-Jan-1970), but in sending host's timezone.

uint64_t _Lbmmon__DROMonMsg__Stats__OtherGateway::last_activity_usec

Count of microseconds to be added to "last_activity_sec" to increase the precision of the timestamp. However, the accuracy of the timestamp is not guaranteed to be at the microsecond level.

uint32_t _Lbmmon__DROMonMsg__Stats__OtherGateway::topology_signature

Topology signature.

uint32_t _Lbmmon__DROMonMsg__Stats__OtherGateway::version

This version number essentially represents the number of times the DRO has experienced a change in the number times a peer link has changed state. When the version number changes, other DROs assume that the topology has changed and re-run the routing logic.

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