lbm_rcv_transport_stats_lbtrdma_t_stct Struct Reference

Structure that holds datagram statistics for receiver LBT-RDMA transports.

#include <lbm.h>

Data Fields

lbm_ulong_t msgs_rcved
lbm_ulong_t bytes_rcved
lbm_ulong_t lbm_msgs_rcved
lbm_ulong_t lbm_msgs_no_topic_rcved
lbm_ulong_t lbm_reqs_rcved

Field Documentation

lbm_ulong_t lbm_rcv_transport_stats_lbtrdma_t_stct::msgs_rcved

Number of LBT-RDMA datagrams received. Depending on batching settings, a single LBT-RDMA datagram may contain one or more messages, or a fragment of a larger message. With LBT-RDMA, larger messages are split into fragment sizes limited by configuration option transport_lbtrdma_datagram_max_size (default 4KB).

lbm_ulong_t lbm_rcv_transport_stats_lbtrdma_t_stct::bytes_rcved

Number of LBT-RDMA datagram bytes received, i.e., the total of lengths of all LBT-RDMA packets including UM header information.

lbm_ulong_t lbm_rcv_transport_stats_lbtrdma_t_stct::lbm_msgs_rcved

Number of messages or message fragments received over an LBT-RDMA transport. A single datagram may contain one or more messages or a fragment of a larger message. For fragmented messages larger than configuration option transport_lbtrdma_datagram_max_size (default 4KB), this count reflects the number of datagrams used to constitute those messages. Thus, this number is equal to or greater than the datagram counter (msgs_rcved, above). This number also includes messages received for which there was no interested receiver, which is tallied in the lbm_msgs_no_topic_rcved counter (below).

lbm_ulong_t lbm_rcv_transport_stats_lbtrdma_t_stct::lbm_msgs_no_topic_rcved

Number of messages received that were not for a topic of interest to the receiver. A high value (relative to, or approaching lbm_msgs_rcved above) indicates more CPU time required to filter out uninteresting topics, in which case, consider reconfiguring sources to filter more aggressively at the transport layer.

lbm_ulong_t lbm_rcv_transport_stats_lbtrdma_t_stct::lbm_reqs_rcved

Number of UM request messages received (message type LBM_MSG_REQUEST).

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