lbm_msg_t_stct Struct Reference

Structure that stores information about a received message.

#include <lbm.h>

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Data Fields

char source [LBM_MSG_MAX_SOURCE_LEN]
char topic_name [LBM_MSG_MAX_TOPIC_LEN]
char copied_state [LBM_MSG_MAX_STATE_LEN]
int type
int flags
const char * data
size_t len
lbm_response_t * response
lbm_uint_t sequence_number
long refcnt
size_t apphdr_len
lbm_ulong_t apphdr_code
lbm_timeval_t tsp
lbm_ushort_t hdrlen
const lbm_buff_t * buffer
const void * fragment_info
const char * apphdr_data
const void * source_clientd
const void * umeack
const void * src_cd
lbm_uint_t osqn
const void * umq_msgid
const void * umq_cr
const void * pdata
size_t plen
lbm_msg_properties_t * properties
lbm_hf_sequence_number_t hf_sequence_number

Field Documentation

char lbm_msg_t_stct::source[LBM_MSG_MAX_SOURCE_LEN]

Source string of transport session. Format depends on transport type. For string formats and examples, see lbm_transport_source_info_t_stct.

char lbm_msg_t_stct::topic_name[LBM_MSG_MAX_TOPIC_LEN]

Name of the topic. Although this field is allocated at 256 bytes, legal topic names are restricted to 246 bytes.

char lbm_msg_t_stct::copied_state[LBM_MSG_MAX_STATE_LEN]

Copy of the state of the msg (only used on specific platforms. DO NOT ACCESS DIRECTLY!)

int lbm_msg_t_stct::type

Type of message.

int lbm_msg_t_stct::flags

Flags associated with the message.

const char* lbm_msg_t_stct::data

Data contents of the message if of a message type that carries data. Note that UM does not guarantee any alignment of that data.

size_t lbm_msg_t_stct::len

Length of data in bytes

lbm_response_t* lbm_msg_t_stct::response

Pointer to response object used for sending responses for lbm_msg_t request.

lbm_uint_t lbm_msg_t_stct::sequence_number

Topic level sequence number of message. For fragmented messages, this is the sequence number of the final fragment comprising the message.

const void* lbm_msg_t_stct::source_clientd

Pointer set by lbm_rcv_src_notification_create_function_cb callback

lbm_msg_channel_info_t* lbm_msg_t_stct::channel_info

Channel information set when using Spectrum channels

lbm_msg_properties_t* lbm_msg_t_stct::properties

Message properties structure for this message

lbm_hf_sequence_number_t lbm_msg_t_stct::hf_sequence_number

Hot failover sequence number, check message flags for LBM_MSG_FLAG_HF_32 or LBM_MSG_FLAG_HF_64.

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