UM Java API  6.16
com.latencybusters.lbm.UMERecoverySequenceNumberCallback Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

int setRecoverySequenceNumberInfo (Object cbArg, UMERecoverySequenceNumberCallbackInfo cbInfo)

Detailed Description

Interface for setting receiver recovery sequence number information. (UME only.)

Member Function Documentation

int com.latencybusters.lbm.UMERecoverySequenceNumberCallback.setRecoverySequenceNumberInfo ( Object  cbArg,
UMERecoverySequenceNumberCallbackInfo  cbInfo 

Callback method for getting information about recovery sequence numbers and setting the desired low sequence number. Call UMERecoverySequenceNumberCallbackInfo#setLowSequenceNumber(long) in this callback before returning to set the desired low sequence number.

cbArgClient-supplied callback object.
cbInfoInformation about recovery sequence numbers (low, high, etc.).
0 on success, -1 on error.
UME 2.0

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