UM Java API  6.16
com.latencybusters.lbm.LBMSourceDeletionCallback Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

int onSourceDelete (String sourceName, Object cbArg, Object sourceCbArg)

Detailed Description

Interface for topic-level source deletion notification callbacks.

LBM 3.3, UME 2.0

Member Function Documentation

int com.latencybusters.lbm.LBMSourceDeletionCallback.onSourceDelete ( String  sourceName,
Object  cbArg,
Object  sourceCbArg 

Source deletion callback method for receivers.

sourceNameSource as a string. Format depends on transport type. For TCP, string is "TCP:IP:Port" (e.g. "TCP:"). For LBT-RM, string is "LBTRM:src:sport:sessionid:grp:dport".
cbArgClient callback object specified with LBMReceiverAttributes#setSourceNotificationCallbacks
sourceCbArgClient callback object specified by the return value of an LBMSourceCreationCallback.
This method should always return 0.

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