UM Java API  6.16
com.latencybusters.lbm.LBMSourceCostCallback Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

long onSourceCost (Object cbArg, String topic, LBMTransportSourceInfo transport, long hop_count, long cost)

Detailed Description

Interface for the source cost callback to evaluate the cost of a newly discovered source. Set via the context attributes setSourceCostCallback function.

Member Function Documentation

long com.latencybusters.lbm.LBMSourceCostCallback.onSourceCost ( Object  cbArg,
String  topic,
LBMTransportSourceInfo  transport,
long  hop_count,
long  cost 

Callback to determine source cost

cbArgCallback object token
topicTopic for which the new source was discovered
transportLBMTransportSourceInfo object describing the transport session
hop_countCurrent hop count for the transport session
costCurrent cumulative cost for the transport session
Application-determined cost for this source as an unsigned 32-bit number. To permanently reject this source, return LBM.LBM_SRC_COST_FUNCTION_REJECT

Referenced by com.latencybusters.lbm.LBMContext.requestTopicResolution().

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