UM Java API  6.16
com.latencybusters.pdm.PDMFieldIterator Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for com.latencybusters.pdm.PDMFieldIterator:

Public Member Functions

boolean hasNext ()
PDMField next ()
void remove ()
void reset ()

Protected Member Functions

 PDMFieldIterator (HashMap< Integer, PDMField > fieldMap)

Detailed Description

The PDMFieldIterator is used to iterate through each PDMField in a PDMMessage. Check isValueSet() before accessing its value to determine if the PDMField has been set.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

com.latencybusters.pdm.PDMFieldIterator.PDMFieldIterator ( HashMap< Integer, PDMField fieldMap)

Internal constructor called from a PDMMessage


Member Function Documentation

boolean com.latencybusters.pdm.PDMFieldIterator.hasNext ( )

Checks to see if there is another element

PDMField ( )

Advances to the next element

References com.latencybusters.pdm.PDMField.getValue().

void com.latencybusters.pdm.PDMFieldIterator.remove ( )

Removing an element is not supported

void com.latencybusters.pdm.PDMFieldIterator.reset ( )

Reset the iterator by creating a new one at the beginning

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