UM Java API  6.16
com.latencybusters.lbm.UMQQueueApplicationSet Class Reference

Public Member Functions

String applicationSetName ()
List< UMQQueueReceiverTypeIDreceiverTypeIDs ()
int applicationSetIndex ()

Detailed Description

Class containing information about a particular application set as configured on a UMQ queue daemon.

Member Function Documentation

int com.latencybusters.lbm.UMQQueueApplicationSet.applicationSetIndex ( )

Gets this application set's application set index (as determined by the queue daemon).

The application set index.
String com.latencybusters.lbm.UMQQueueApplicationSet.applicationSetName ( )

Gets the name (as configured on the queue daemon) of this application set.

The application set name.
List<UMQQueueReceiverTypeID> com.latencybusters.lbm.UMQQueueApplicationSet.receiverTypeIDs ( )

Gets a list of the receiver type IDs that belong to this application set (as configured on the queue daemon).

The list of IDs.

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