UM .NET API  6.16
com.latencybusters.lbm.LBMResolverEventAdvertisement Class Reference

Public Member Functions

Set the members of the LBMResolverEventAdvertisement objects param tstring Topic name to send messages or null for non topic param transport Transport string param tidx Topic index param doidx Source domain ID param otidx Pointer to Source OTID param stype Type of UMQ param ver UM Version of the source param src_id_type Type of the source ID param src_id Pinter to Source ID See next section for possible OR d set of values.return void *unsafe void setEventParameters (byte *tstring, byte *transport, long tidx, long doidx, byte *otidx, uint stype, ulong iflags, long did, int cap_flags, long ver, byte src_id_type, byte *src_id)
Returns Topic Index return topic_index *long getTopicIndex ()
Returns source_domain_id return source_domain_id *long getDomainID ()
Returns otid return otid *byte[] getOTID ()
Returns source_type return source_type *uint getSourceType ()
Returns topic_string return topic_string *String getTopicString ()
Returns transport_string return transport_string *String getTransportString ()
Returns info_flags return info_flags *ulong getInfoFlags ()
Returns domain_id of sender return domain_id *long getSenderDomainId ()
Returns capability_flags return capability_flags *int getCapabilityFlags ()
Returns version return version *long getVersion ()
Returns source_id_type return source_id_type *byte getSourceIdType ()
Returns source_id return source_id *byte[] getSourceId ()

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