UM .NET API  6.16
com.latencybusters.lbm.LBMMonitor Class Reference

LBM Monitor class. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static int errorNumber ()
 Returns last LBM Monitor error number. More...
static string errorMessage ()
 Returns last LBM Monitor error message. More...

Public Attributes

const int FORMAT_CSV = 0
 Format type: Comma-separated values.
const int TRANSPORT_LBM = 0
 Transport type: LBM.
const int TRANSPORT_UDP = 1
 Transport type: UDP.
 Transport type: LBMSNMP.
const int EINVAL = ERROR_BASE + 1
 LBM Monitor error: An invalid argument was passed.
const int ENOMEM = ERROR_BASE + 2
 LBM Monitor error: Out of memory.
const int EMODFAIL = ERROR_BASE + 3
 LBM Monitor error: A call to a module function failed.
const int ELBMFAIL = ERROR_BASE + 4
 LBM Monitor error: A call to an LBM function failed.
const int EAGAIN = ERROR_BASE + 5
 LBM Monitor error: Insufficient resources.
const int EALREADY = ERROR_BASE + 6
 LBM Monitor error: Resource already registered.
const long ATTR_SOURCE_NORMAL = 0
 Source/receiver statistics are from a normal transport session.
const long ATTR_SOURCE_IM = 1
 Source/receiver statistics are from an immediate transport session.

Detailed Description

LBM Monitor class.

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