UM C API  6.16
tnwg_portal_peer_dstat_record_t_stct Struct Reference

Structure containing sending and receiving statistics for a peer portal. More...

#include <tnwgdmonmsgs.h>

Data Fields

tnwg_dstat_peer_receive_stats_t receive_stats
 Receiving statistics.
tnwg_dstat_peer_send_stats_t send_stats
 Sending statistics.
uint32_t ingress_cost
uint32_t local_interest_topics
 Number of local interest topics.
uint32_t local_interest_pcre_patterns
 NOT USED. Set to zero.
uint32_t local_interest_regex_patterns
 NOT USED. Set to zero.
uint32_t remote_interest_topics
 NOT USED. Set to zero.
uint32_t remote_interest_pcre_patterns
 Number of remote interest pcre patterns.
uint32_t remote_interest_regex_patterns
 Number of remote interest regex patterns.
uint32_t proxy_receivers
 Number of proxy receivers.
uint32_t receiver_topics
 Number of receiver topics.
uint32_t receiver_pcre_patterns
 Number of receiver pcre patterns.
uint32_t receiver_regex_patterns
 Number of receiver regex patterns.
uint32_t proxy_sources
 Number of proxy sources.
uint32_t udp_peer
 True when UDP Peer is configured.
tnwg_dstat_peer_udp_receive_stats_t udp_receive_stats
 UDP Receive statistics.
tnwg_dstat_peer_udp_send_stats_t udp_send_stats
 UDP Send statistics.

Detailed Description

Structure containing sending and receiving statistics for a peer portal.

Used by tnwg_portalstats_dstat_record_t. Except where indicated, all fields of type lbm_uintXX_t should be byte-swapped if hdr.magic is equal to LBM_TNWG_DAEMON_ANTIMAGIC.

Note that fields remote_interest_topics, remote_interest_pcre_patterns, and remote_interest_regex_patterns are not used by peer portals, and are set to zero.

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