UM C API  6.16
lbmmon_packet_hdr_t_stct Struct Reference

Statistics packet header layout. More...

#include <lbmmon.h>

Data Fields

lbm_uint_t mSignature
lbm_ushort_t mType
lbm_ushort_t mAttributeBlockLength
lbm_ushort_t mDataLength
lbm_ushort_t mFiller

Detailed Description

Statistics packet header layout.

A statistics packet consists of five fixed-length and fixed-position fields, as documented below. It is followed by two variable-length blocks. The attribute block is located at packet + sizeof(lbmmon_packet_hdr_t), and is mAttributeBlockLength (when properly interpreted) bytes in length (which may be zero). The statistics data block is located immediately following the attribute block.

Field Documentation

lbm_ushort_t lbmmon_packet_hdr_t_stct::mAttributeBlockLength

Length of optional, variable-length attribute block in network order.

lbm_ushort_t lbmmon_packet_hdr_t_stct::mDataLength

Length of variable-length statistics data in network order.

lbm_ushort_t lbmmon_packet_hdr_t_stct::mFiller

Filler to assure proper alignment of the structure.

lbm_uint_t lbmmon_packet_hdr_t_stct::mSignature

Packet signature in network order. Must be LBMMON_PACKET_SIGNATURE.

lbm_ushort_t lbmmon_packet_hdr_t_stct::mType

Type of statistics, in network order. See LBMMON_PACKET_TYPE_*.

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