UM C API  6.16
lbm_umm_info_t_stct Struct Reference

Structure for specifying UMM daemon connection options. More...

#include <lbm.h>

Data Fields

 The UMM user name.
 The UMM user password.
 The UMM application name.
 The list of UMM daemons in ip:port string format. Connections are tried in a round robin fashion, starting with index 0. Only the first contiguous set of non-blank entries are considered.
lbm_uint32_t flags
 Bitmap indicating extra information about the UMM connection. Zero or more flag bits ORed together: LBM_UMM_INFO_FLAGS_* (i.e. LBM_UMM_INFO_FLAGS_USE_SSL)
char * cert_file
 Path to a pem-encoded certificate file. If non-NULL, SSL is enabled and is used to validate the the UMM daemon certificate.
char * cert_file_password
 Certificate file password. Required only if certificate file is password-protected.

Detailed Description

Structure for specifying UMM daemon connection options.

See lbm_umm_info_t_stct for field definitions.

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