UM C API  6.16
lbm_src_event_flight_size_notification_t_stct Struct Reference

Structure that holds flight size notification event data. More...

#include <lbm.h>

Data Fields

int type
 Specifies which flight size's state changed. One of LBM_SRC_EVENT_FLIGHT_SIZE_NOTIFICATION_TYPE_*.
int state
 Current state of specified flight size. One of LBM_SRC_EVENT_FLIGHT_SIZE_NOTIFICATION_STATE_*.

Detailed Description

Structure that holds flight size notification event data.

This structure signals to the source a state change in flight size status. It indicates when the publisher's in-flight messages goes above the flight size limit, or having been above, goes below. Delivered as a source event LBM_SRC_EVENT_FLIGHT_SIZE_NOTIFICATION via callbacks lbm_src_cb_proc, lbm_ssrc_cb_proc, and lbm_context_src_cb_proc.

For more information about flight size, see Persistence Flight Size.

See lbm_src_event_flight_size_notification_t_stct for field definitions.

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