UM C API  6.16
lbm_rcv_transport_stats_t_stct Struct Reference

Structure that holds statistics for receiver transports. More...

#include <lbm.h>

Data Fields

int type
 Type of transport (e.g., LBM_TRANSPORT_STAT_TCP, LBM_TRANSPORT_STAT_LBTRM, etc.).
char source [LBM_MSG_MAX_SOURCE_LEN]
 Source string of transport session. See Source String.
union {
   lbm_rcv_transport_stats_tcp_t   tcp
 The statistics for receiver TCP transports.
   lbm_rcv_transport_stats_lbtrm_t   lbtrm
 The statistics for receiver LBT-RM transports.
   lbm_rcv_transport_stats_daemon_t   daemon
 These statistics have been deprecated.
   lbm_rcv_transport_stats_lbtru_t   lbtru
 The statistics for receiver LBT-RU transports.
   lbm_rcv_transport_stats_lbtipc_t   lbtipc
 The statistics for receiver LBT-IPC transports.
   lbm_rcv_transport_stats_lbtrdma_t   lbtrdma
 The statistics for receiver LBT-RDMA transports.
   lbm_rcv_transport_stats_lbtsmx_t   lbtsmx
 The statistics for receiver LBT-SMX transports.
   lbm_rcv_transport_stats_broker_t   broker
 The statistics for receiver BROKER transports.
 Union of type-specific transport stat structures.
 Unused field to artificially increase the size of the structure to ensure inter-version compatibility.

Detailed Description

Structure that holds statistics for receiver transports.

This structure holds statistics for all receiver transports. The structure is filled in when statistics for receiver transports are requested.

Note that when stats are sampled, the fields in the structure are not necessarily from the same instant in time. The structure might be updated concurrently with it being sampled, and while each structure field is atomically read, the field values can be skewed slightly across time.

See lbm_rcv_transport_stats_t_stct for field definitions.

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