UM C API  6.16
_Lbmmon__DROMonMsg__Stats__Portal__Peer__UDPSend Struct Reference

Data Fields

ProtobufCMessage base
uint64_t msgs_sent
 Number of UDP datagrams sent.
uint64_t bytes_sent
 Number of UDP datagram bytes sent.
uint64_t nak_pckts_rcved
 Number of NAK packets received.
uint64_t naks_rcved
 Number of individual NAKs received.
uint64_t naks_ignored
 Number of NAKs ignored. NCF sent with reason code "ignored".
uint64_t naks_shed
 Number of NAKs shed. NCF sent with reason code "shed".
uint64_t naks_rx_delay_ignored
 Number of NAKs not yet processed due to rate limit. NCF sent with reason code "rx_delay".
uint64_t rxs_sent
 Number of UDP datagrams retransmitted.
uint64_t rx_bytes_sent
 Number of UDP datagram bytes retransmitted.

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