Ultra Messaging:
Product Description

Ultra Messaging (UM) - Moves real-time data between distributed, high-performance applications, on-premises, and in the cloud.

UM allows application developers to eliminate single points of failure with a modern, resilient, peer-to-peer design that removes messaging brokers and daemons for lower latency and higher reliability.


  • Consistently low latency means consistently winning trades.

  • Elimination of brokers reduces hardware footprint.

  • Simple APIs for basic functions and rich APIs for sophisticated use cases provide the required capabilities without unnecessary complexity.

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Standard Edition

Historically called UMS, the Ultra Messaging standard edition empowers application development organizations to create 24x7 trading platforms that enhance profitability and competitive advantage.

  • Publish/subscribe, request-response, and late join semantics.

  • Reliable Multicast Transport (LBT-RM) scales to thousands of subscribers without overloaded brokers.

  • Shared Memory Transport (SMX) transport enables sub-100-nanosecond latencies on X86 64-bit multicore server architectures.

  • APIs for C/C++, Java, and .NET (Windows and Linux).

  • Dynamic Routing Option (DRO) extends UM across WANs and provides connectivity between on-premises and Cloud.

  • UM Desktop Services (UMDS) extends UM out of the data center and to the desktop.

Advanced Edition

Historically called UMP or UMQ, the Ultra Messaging advanced edition includes everything in the standard edition, Plus:

  • Persistence for fault-tolerant, guaranteed message delivery, with the same low latency as the standard edition.

  • Queuing semantics, including ultra-low-latency brokerless load balancing (ULB).

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