Manager Guide
Man Page for ummd

ummd -d JDBC Driver -h -n db username -p port -P properties filename -s true/false -u db url -x db password

ummd provides UM Manager services.
You can identify the database used to store configuration information with the -u db url option. This option accepts JDBC format for a MySQL database (i.e. jdbc:mysql:// or an Oracle database (i.e. jdbc:oracle:thin:@//localhost:1521/xe). You can also set the database's username with the -n option, the database password with the -x, and the database driver with the -d. All options set on the ummd command line override any settings in the file.
You can set an alternate properties file with the -P where you can also specify database information. The default properties file is
Command line help is available with -h.
You can set the port for ummd with the -p option. The default is 15701.
The -s option let you specify the use of SSL encryption for communication between ummd and your UM applications.
Exit Status
The exit status from ummd is 0 for success and some non-zero value for failure.