umqsltool -- UMQ SINC Log Tool


umqsltool [options] sinclogfile1 [sinclogfile2]


This command provides SINC log file tools that let you dump to text, compare two files, or trim events to reduce file size (all without modifying the original log files).

The -t toolname or --tool=toolname invokes the desired tool. Toolname can be:


Dumps the events from a SINC log file in a human-readable text format. Operates on a single SINC log file.


Compares events in two SINC log files, noting any differences. Requires two SINC log files to be specified.


Analyzes a SINC log file for events that look suspicious. Operates on a single SINC log file.


Trims a SINC log file down to the minimum number of events needed to preserve correct queue state. This can sometimes dramatically reduce SINC log file size without any loss of state. SINC log files are not pruned during normal operation due to performance considerations.

This tool operates on a single SINC log file, and outputs a new SINC log file in the same location and with the same name as the original plus an added ".pruned.n" suffix (where n is a counter starting at 1). The original SINC log file remains untouched. When pruning, we recommend to also specify the --config option, otherwise some state information may be lost in the pruned output.

The -c configfile or --config=configfile uses the given umestored XML config file. Specifying the umestored XML configuration file is optional, but can improve the accuracy of various tools, so its use is recommended.

The -h or --help displays this help and exits.

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